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  • 'Pull Yourself Together' - a poetry collection. Published by Alien Buddha Press, February 2022

"The robot has bones and the alien bleeds" - in 'Pull Yourself Together', Arden Hunter examines with wit and insight the boxes we draw around ourselves, the pain of others' expectations and the joy of breaking free. By turns lyrical and brutal, shocking and uplifting, Hunter's work  reaches out across the cracks in human experience to show us tender truths. 

- Katy Naylor, author of Postcards from Ragnarok, Editor-in-Chief of voidspace_zine (voidspacezine.com)

Hardcover ($18.19) and paperback ($10.44) Amazon.com​

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  • 'Drifting Bottles' - an experimental erasure/visual poetry/narrative collection. Published by Gutslut Press, March 2022

"Precisely entwined floral arrangements, business charts, scientific paraphernalia, strong-man tropes, secretarial pool line-drawings, dictionary lists and Sunday comics (etc.) are cut, drawn-over, re-shaped in heightened emotional schematics. Faded and vivid colors, redacted texts and erasures, hand-written notes, jarring associations, fractured and bold, create a whole, alternately troubling, and deeply magical, alchemical. The work’s subversive gestures accumulate revelatory arcs of patriarchal refusal, wondrously rhythmic. Performatively aware, Arden Hunter is sharing with the reader dynamic(s) of form/process mechanisms and preoccupations, opening the interrogative of visual poetry’s creative obsessions, producing new-necessary tectonic shifts."

Robert Frede Kenter, author of EDEN (Floodlight Editions, 2021), Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of Ice Floe Press (www.icefloepress.net)

Print edition ($15) and digital ($4)

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